Stem cell injection under local anesthesia

Stem cell injection under local anaesthesiaLocal anesthesia

Back and neck pain, disc prolapse can lead to pain in other areas such as leg and shoulders. The cause of this is usually an inflamed joint, disc prolapse, nerve compression or muscle spasm. Its called Local anesthesia.

There are two types of patients for this procedure, chronic pain or sudden and acute.

The procedure is two-fold. First time is a consultation, explanation and examination of the area with x-ray. The second, which can be on the same day if the patient has x-rays ready, is the stem cell injection itself under Local anesthesia to the target area. The stem cells and anti-inflammatory agents repair and treat the inflamed, joint, nerve or degenerated disc.

The procedure is with minimal discomfort, and patients can resume regular activity immediately.

This procedure has proved to avoid major surgeries with a very large percentage of patients.