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Get Back To Doing The Things You Love, Faster & Without Surgery.

  • Eliminate pain in areas like your neck, back, and joints.
  • No discomfort - Walk out of our clinic immediately.
Stem Cell Injection

“I was truly amazed at how quick the treatment was! I felt so releived in seconds and literally felt like jogging home!” -Aisha, 36

Stem-cell Treatment - The #1 Alternative To Surgery
For Your Back, Neck & Joint Pain

  • The world’s most advanced regenerative treatment for pain
  • Works if you have pain due to a past injury, continuous strain or arthritis & old age
  • Safe with no side effects and higher success rate than traditional surgery
“We understand various neuro disorders can affect a patient’s life and the lives of immediate family and relatives. This is not an easy medical condition to live with. Patients need constant care and attention and this burden falls on the members of the family. We address this condition comprehensively. And we direct patients and families to the local communities that provide free educational material and sessions as part of supportive groups.”
- Dr. Ashraf Shatla
Consultant Neurosurgeon FRCSEd, FAANS, FRCSp, CA

Why You Shoud Get Your Stem-cell Treatment

How stem-cell treatment can help you:

Adult stem cells are cells from your own body that can renew themselves and turn into other cells (differentiate). They live inside all of us in various tissues, poised to leap into action to repair damage as it occurs.

As we age or have big injuries, we may not be able to recruit enough of these cells to the site to fully repair the area. This procedure helps overcome this problem by extracting stem cells from an area of high volume, then concentrating the cells and reinjecting them into the damaged area to help the body heal naturally.

Our Patented Stem Cell Procedures can be used for a wide range of conditions and are the tool of choice for injuries, arthritis and other conditions that may be more significant than what may be treated with our Platelet Rich Plasma or Platelet Lysate Procedures.

Is neuro-spinal treatment right for you?

If you have lasting back or neck pain it would be a relief to even consider being rid of it. Pain can become chronic over time, if not treated properly. If you are experiencing high level of pain and other symptoms, you know it can completely disrupt your daily life. Your neurosurgeon may recommend surgical or non-surgical treatment. Depending on the severity of your condition, you can make this decision with your doctor. It may be something less serious like back pain, neck pain, migraine, joint pain or a more complex condition like the inability to walk, spinal fracture or trauma and numbness in your hands and legs.

In most instances, neuro-spinal treatment at Montreal International clinic will help you regain mobility and function for you to get back to normal life. You will be treated in a safe and comfortable environment with patients being offered the highest level of proficiency during treatment.

Montreal International Clinic is the hospital of choice that offer extensive treatment and care for patients with neurological conditions.

Montreal International Clinic is dedicated to restoring function, relieving pain and implementing treatment for a wide range of spinal conditions. Our surgeons will create highly individualized treatment plans to ensure you get the best treatment either through surgical or non-surgical procedures. In the instance, one of our surgeons recommend an operative procedure, our surgeons at Montreal are world renowned and you can place 100% trust in us.

Most Common Conditions We Treat

Tried Every Treatment But Nothing Seems To Be Helping?

Pain Relief Through PRP Treatment

If you have been suffering from a lengthy period with frustrating and incessant back and neck pain and physiotherapy provides no relief, it might be time to consider an alternative option. People who have significant ongoing pain despite using pain medication, weight loss and physiotherapy can be introduced to the PRP therapy as next step in their quest to function without pain. As the most common treatment options for back and neck pain have been physiotherapy, massages, medication and exercising in general, however, a majority of clients have not found long-term relief in any of these methods despite having invested a considerable amount of time and money in achieving a cure. If you have also tried physiotherapy and failed to find any relief in the back and neck pain, then it’s time for you to switch to PRP treatment. Hence, Montreal International Clinic is pleased to unveil PRP, which is rapidly gaining momentum globally for its incredibly effective results. Allow us to introduce you to Platelet-Rich Plasma injections also known as PRP, which is a whole new form of treatment for these types of ailments.

How It Works

Platelets are the body’s natural way of healing a wound or an injury and are found in blood. If your platelet count was low, your ability to recover from an affliction would be made much harder. How PRP works, is some of your own blood will be enriched with a percentage of platelets that are above the normal level, and injected into the affected area. Since the practice was first initiated, it has proven to be an incredibly versatile solution over the years where musculoskeletal problems are concerned. From tendons to ligaments, joints and muscles, many parts of the body can be successfully treated.

Why It Works

As mentioned above, platelets are the body’s natural healing mechanism. By injecting a bulk of activated platelets into the affected area, we are enabling the damaged tissue to absorb the platelets directly. This in turn means that the affected tissue works closely with the platelets, in order to enhance the multiplication of reparative cells, thereby providing effective and efficient results. Depending on where the injection is required, we may/may not use ultrasound imagine to guide the procedure. Our patients who have opted for PRP so far, have been astounded at the quick and noticeable results, sometimes even before they have left the clinic.

The Procedure Itself

As the process requires drawing of the patient’s blood and then preparation for injection with the infused platelets, the treatment can take anywhere between 45-90 minutes depending on kind of affliction. Some conditions may require just a one-time injection, whilst others may need several, spaced out over a few weeks. Our expert physicians are more than well-equipped to ensure that all PRP treatments will be conducted as smoothly as possible. We will also guide you before, during and after the procedure, to ensure you gain optimal results.

Our Happy Patients

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Out Of Town Patient Concierge Service

We have an increasing interest from clients not only in the UAE but across the GCC & Middle East countries looking for neuro spinal treatment. We strive to provide the highest level of treatment to all our patients whether based here locally or traveling from abroad, we're more than happy to assist with organizing your transportation and making your trip as easy as possible to visit our clinic.

Feel free to leave your contact details above and/or call us directly to speak with one of our team to arrange your requirements and schedule your complimentary consultation with our neuro spinal specialists.

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    • Neuro spinal treatment make a marked difference in my sleep, most definitely. I do find I’m sleeping a lot better.
    • My work life has changed dramatically. It’s a great relief to be back and productive again.
    • I have started seeing friends again. I can stay out longer now. I’m starting to rebuild my life again.

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