Spinal Treatments And Surgery

Spinal Treatments And SurgerySpinal Treatments And Surgery

Spinal Treatments And Surgery In more advanced cases, where minimally invasive surgery is not an option, our surgeons perform a vast array of surgical treatments such as

  • Super selective microdisectomy for low back pain under GA.
  • Cervical discectomy with fusion or artificial disc replacement for neck pain and arm pain.
  • Spinal instrumentation for fractured spine with plating bone grafting for chronic spinal pain degenerative instability spondylolisthesis and chronic inflammatory spinal diseases.
  • Verebroplasty and kyphoplasty for weakened spinal vertebra osteoporosis with chronic spinal pain.
  • Surgical control of intra cranial pressure, hydrocephalus CNS and brain and spine anomalies with high intracranial pressure VP shunts ventriculostomy and dura spinal repair.