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What is Scoliosis?

It is a sideways curvature of your spine that you can be born with, or even develop as a child or during adolescence. Scoliosis is not always severe; it can be mild but is known to worsen during growth spurts. It can also be hereditary and can run in families, and girls are known to be more affected by this condition than boys. While a healthy spine has a front to back curve, in patients with Scoliosis the spine curves sideways. This means your spine can appear to look deformed or abnormal, usually in a C or S shape. The severe the condition the more curved it appears in your physical appearance. Younger patients who have it in severe form will require treatment.

Montreal International Clinic with our expert doctors and specialists can treat patients, from mild to severe condition. We have a state of the art facility and the latest equipment. We ensure patients receive the best possible treatment, both during and post procedure.


What causes this condition?

Scoliosis in most cases has no known cause. The only known causes are neuromuscular or congenital. In the case of it being congenital, the condition appears as a birth defect. The spine is deformed and it is quite visible at a young age. Neuromuscular, on the other hand, can result from spinal cord trauma, cerebral palsy, spinal bifida, spinal muscular atrophy or muscular dystrophy. In adolescents, it stops or slows with the child's growth; however, it is certainly something that needs to be under observation. We recommend young patients to visit Montreal International Clinic in Dubai to get a complete understanding of the condition, and the causes and treatment methods available. During the initial consultation, patients will receive a thorough examination to evaluate your current condition and determine what type of treatment will be required.

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Dr. Ashraf Shatla had practiced as a Neurosurgeon since his graduation from Edinburgh University in 1990. He practiced his specialty as Consultant Brain & Spinal all over "Europe, Canada, USA and Middle East.

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