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Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most unpleasant pains in the human body. It can be a sudden pain, sharp pain, dull or chronic pain that seemingly never leaves you. An acute condition is where the pain continues over a few days. The condition becomes chronic is if it persists for more than 3 months. Not all back pain requires treatment. However, doctors will recommend medical intervention if the pain continues for more than just a few days.

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What can cause back pain in an individual?

Various conditions including kidney disease, bladder infections, appendicitis, aneurysms, pregnancy, spinal stenosis, sciatica, herniated disc, spine injuries, fractures, spondylitis and tumours can lead to this condition. If you suffer from severe back pain you may require surgery. Low back strain is another common cause. This is where the lower back muscle or tendon gets strained or torn. If you don't practice good posture, frequently lift heavy objects or even twists the lower back suddenly which happens to athletes often, it can have a direct impact on your spine.

Some individuals may be subjected to back pain due to tilted pelvis or weak abdominal muscles which can increase the risk. It can results in stiffness of the back, inability to maintain correct posture, restricted movement and muscle spasms which make it very uncomfortable for the patient to carry on with normal activities.

Our physicians at Montreal International Clinic with extensive experience in treating both acute and chronic conditions will request you to take a brief medical exam and check your previous medical history before recommending the best course of treatment.

What is the treatment methods offered for this condition?

  • You will be asked to rest. You need complete rest for a few days, otherwise when pressure is applied to your back it can lead to unnecessary damage. Do not rest longer than 3 days as it can also lead to stiffness.
  • Apply ice packs to the injured area to help reduce swelling and pain. Ice can be applied for up to 15 minutes at least 4 times per day.
  • You may be requested to wear a back brace to help maintain correct posture.
  • Our physicians will prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs and other medications to relax your muscles.
  • You may be recommended to attend physical therapy. Physical therapy mostly consists of back muscle strengthening exercises.

If you are suffering from either acute or chronic conditions, and you want the best pain treatment options Montreal International Clinic provides comprehensive spinal care treatment at our wellness hospital. In addition, our center provides Discogel injections and PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections, which are mainly used for athletes afflicted with injuries, enabling you to go back to competing and regular activities with minimal discomfort. We ensure cutting edge treatment, compassionate care and thorough analysis of post treatment care. Schedule an appointment by calling the number listed on our website.

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