Snap-On Smile

Snap-On Smile, is an easy pain-free treatment that allows a patient with stained, discolored or misaligned and crooked teeth to get a confident ‘Hollywood’ smile.

Similar to veneers and lumineers or other Hollywood smile treatments. we provide, the Snap-On Smile can alter the size colors and shape of your mouth, to receive an ultimate Hollywood smile. Using this, the original teeth are almost always not altered, and the dramatic change in the results as you can see below are incredible.

If you are suffering from stained, crooked or snapped teeth, Snap-On Smile may be for you. Please call us to consult a Snap-On Smile expert.

Snap-On Smile
The procedure is quite simple, on your first visit our dentist will explain to you the benefits of snap on, take impressions of your teeth, and you can choose the color and shape you prefer. After which the order is sent to our lab in the US and in about 2 weeks, your Snap-On Smile is sent back and ready for your insertion!

Once the insertion is done, it will change your life forever! Snap on guarantees a better lifestyle with a brand new confidence from just a flash of your brilliant smile.

Still not convinced? Read about our customer’s experiences and have a look at their before and after images, which will surely convince you that snap on can bring back your smile.