Dental Implants FAQ’s

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are replacement of tooth roots made from titanium, a material known for its bio-compatibility. Dental implants provide a durable foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth that are created to match your natural teeth. The replacement offers a long term solution for loss of teeth with more advanced procedure than bridges and denture placements. A dental implant performs as a replacement root and the titanium screw is then surgically placed into the jaw bone to build a stable new root.Over the new few weeks or months, a bond is formed between the dental implants and the bone, performing as a guard for the replacement tooth, taking the form of a crown, bridge or denture that is placed over the dental implant.

Am I suitable for dental implants?

Dental implants are commonly used for adults, teenagers and rarely in children. It is essential that you have your oral health intact, sore free and healthy gums and a good bone structure. Dental implants also require an adequate bone in the jaw, for long term support of the implant.

Is the procedure to insert a dental implant, painful?

The dental implant procedure is overall, pain free as you will be positioned under local anesthesia, by our medical professionals. It is a necessity to take the prescribed medication after the dental implant procedure to ensure pain free recovery. Many of our patients concluded feedback stating they felt at ease and less discomfort than anticipated.

How soon can I resume daily activities after dental implant treatment?

It is common for patients to have some bruising and swelling in the gum and soft dental tissues. Our dentist will prescribe pain killers after the dental implant procedure to keep you off discomfort. You should be able to resume daily activities on the same day.

How long will the dental implants last?

Good oral hygiene and regular dental visits are important to the success of your dental implant.Scientific research has shown a 95% success rate for dental implants to last over 10 years to even a lifetime.

How long does it take to place dental implants?

With today’s, state-of-the-art guided surgical techniques which exclusively available at our clinic , it is much more appropriate to place dental implants with the benefit of having a dental implant placed in a single session.
From the first dental consultation to the time the last tooth is fitted, the whole process will in between 4-6 months. Some factors could affect the length of the whole process of dental implants, which includes the healing of the dental implant location, and also whether bone grafting is required, and also whether the patient has any other medical complications.

How do I maintain for my dental implants after surgery?

Dental implants are permanent fittings like your natural teeth and therefore do not necessarily require any special maintenance. A regular Oral hygiene routine including brushing, flossing and regular checkups with our dentist is sufficient.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants look and feels just like your natural teeth, and they are permanently fitted. You can eat food you like without any problem and you can socialize with friends and family without the fear of embarrassment.

How do dental implants compared with dentures?

When the tooth is absent, the jawbone gradually shrinks. This bone absence and gum shrinkage can be prevented by dental implants which is not possible with dentures. Patients with dentures still suffer from pain, discomfort and slippage or movement of dentures while eating or speaking. Dental implant teeth are firmly positioned into the jawbone and feel like natural teeth. Dentures fitted incorrectly may also result in slurred speech or clicking noises while speaking and makes eating less pleasant and meals may taste different. Dental implant teeth enable patients to speak confidently and eat without discomfort and unpleasantness

Why are Montreal International Clinics in Dubai my best choice for dental implants?

We at Montreal International Clinic provide a safe and complication free dental implants procedure right here in Dubai. Our dental surgeons have a depth of knowledge in the industry and guarantee 100% satisfying dental services