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Montreal Dental Veneers Guarantee

Montreal International Clinic offers a written warrantee on our work. When you take a chance on us, we ensure it serves as an investment for you. Each individual case will be catered according to specific requirements. We believe every patient is different and, therefore, offer personalized treatment. Our guarantee is as follows.

Dental Veneers โ€“ 5 Years

We offer a 5 year warranty on dental veneers. We request the patient practice good oral hygiene at home, and return to our clinic for regular dental checkups. We have a 100% success rate and hundreds of satisfied patients up to date. If a patientโ€™s veneers break due to chewing on ice or jaw breakers, it will not be covered under the veneers warranty. It is covered under normal veneer use, both which can be replaced or repaired. In order to be eligible for the warranty, patients must follow proper rules and guidelines.

  • Patients must book a routine oral dental hygiene cleaning session at Montreal Clinic every 6 months as a part of their oral preventative care program.
  • If patients cannot return to the clinic, we need written proof that you have visited a dental clinic locally and undergone bi-annual checkups, cleanups etc.
  • Avoid chewing ice/ jaw breakers.
  • Accidents or trauma.

A night guard may be recommended by your dentist in some cases where the patient grinds teeth.