Chest Augmentation

Chest Augmentation Dubai

Chest Augmentation & Breast Enlargement

Not all Hollywood’s female celebrities are able to achieve a “cleavage-tastic” appearance on their own. Sometimes, what you see on the red carpet is the work of a procedure called Cleavoplasty. Chest Augmentation & Breast Enlargement procedure is now easily accessible and available in Dubai with the Montreal International Clinics.

Some women have bony and irregular depressions between the breasts in the cleavage area. This is due to either being too thin without implants, or being more pronounced after breast augmentation. In order to overcome this and give women that well defined cleavage, the Montreal International Clinic offers Cleavoplasty to correct the depression and give women a “cleavage-tastic” appearance. The procedure is carried out using a patient’s own body fat to augment the thin, bony, depressed appearance between the breasts.  Cleavoplasty plumps up the cleavage area, creating a full, smooth, rounded and a voluptuous contour. Now all women can have the cleavage they desire.
Patients should be aware that this procedure does not enlarge the breasts, or change the appearance of the breasts themselves.

The Procedure

The procedure for Cleavoplasty is carried out by our experienced team at Montreal International Clinic, firstly involves, the removal of fat from the patient’s thighs, buttocks, or abdomen using a syringe and fine needle. Thereafter, the fat is then concentrated and injected into the area between the breasts.  The area is over-corrected since some of the fat will be absorbed, but enough fat will remain to give a significant improvement to this imperfection and give the patient the desired effect.

The patient does not have to worry about any bruising, as there is minimal bruising and has no recovery and the down time, enabling patients to return to work the next day. Some side effects of the procedure may include slight swelling, which will subside in a few days or a week at the minimum. The look that remains at six weeks is what will remain indefinitely.

There are also minimal risks of complications, risks of infection, bleeding, or asymmetry with this procedure.

Most  patients who consult Montreal International Clinic, mistake Chest Augmentation to Breast Augmentation procedure. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure used to change or enhance the shape and size of a women’s breasts as opposed to chest augmentation, which focuses on defining and enhancing a women’s cleavage area.

Our team of experts at Montreal International Clinic, will first meet with the patient and explain the procedure and what it entails so that the patient has a complete understanding of what Cleavoplasty is and how it’s carried out, the pros, the cons and the necessary aftercare. As with all cosmetic procedures, Cleavoplasty can improve your cleavage, but not your whole like or your outlook on life, so make sure to have realistic goals and expectations.