Why Do Dentists Recommend Veneers?


There are numerous dental treatment options available in the market, all having their own set of advantages and disadvantages. To find out which treatment suits you the best, consult your dentist in Dubai. Your dentist can examine your personal condition and based on this condition, suitable treatment can be recommended.
For dental conditions that make one’s teeth look unappealing; like bent teeth, misshaped and chipped off teeth. Dentists often propose the treatment of veneers in Dubai. Veneers offer teeth to be corrected through a minimally invasive procedure and offer multiple advantages, like:

They are Natural Looking

When a patient enters a dental clinic in Dubai, their foremost request is to be given a treatment that preserves the natural look of their teeth and their smiles. Patients want a treatment that rectifies their teeth but not in an artificial way. Rather, in a way that the change compliments their natural appearance. And dental veneers serve to provide exactly this. They give patients a very natural look while concealing all the deformities of their damaged teeth.

Veneers Rectify Problems Effectively

A porcelain veneer is a sort of thin sheet that is placed over a damaged tooth. The veneer serves to cover the deformities and aesthetically unattractive problems of the underlying tooth that make an individual’s smile unsightly.

It is a Simple Procedure

The placement of the veneers is done through a simple process. Firstly, patients are examined to ensure whether they are suitable for the procedure or not. If they are, your dentist in Dubai will go forward and remove a very thin slice of enamel that forms a covering over the surface of the tooth – This is done to create room for the veneer.
The veneer is then placed over the tooth and strongly bonded with it through a chemical adhesive. Patients only need to be numbed during the procedure and they will feel no pain at all only mild discomfort.

They are Stain Resistant

One of the best things about veneers is that after having them placed you can enjoy anything to eat and drink, without having to worry about your teeth being stained and discoloured. Veneers are stain resistant and their appearance will remain intact for several years.

They are a Long Term Solution

Once you have your veneers placed, you will no longer have to worry about your appearance, or fret over their maintenance. Veneers need to be taken care of as normal teeth do – Just Brush and Floss. Yes but patients do have to make sure that they do not grind their teeth or use them harshly. For e.g. after having your veneers placed don’t attempt to open ketchup bottles with your teeth. The added pressure can cause your veneers to come out.

Dental veneers have many advantages to offer that make them a popular form of cosmetic dental treatment. Dentists advise many patients to have this treatment performed as it can potentially serve to revive their faded smiles and uplift their personalities. This simple procedure can help individuals feel much more comfortable and confident with their appearances.