Veneers in Dubai: Is It The Latest Fad?


Whatever your politics are, everyone should agree that Melania Trump has the perfect set of teeth! And guess what, you no longer have to live your entire life gushing over them; you can now get yourself an equally stellar set of teeth. We at Montreal International Clinic offer our customers teeth veneer consultations.

For those who do not know, teeth veneering is a simple dental treatment where porcelain veneers are fixed to the surface of your teeth, to bring them to perfection. More often than not, teeth veneers are used to conceal discoloured and misshaped teeth, or to cover the ever-widening gaps between your teeth that keep you awake at night. Most prefer teeth veneers to traditional teeth replacement surgery because they are far more convenient, and involve less pain overall.

If you are still wondering if a tooth veneer is the right thing for you; here’s a chance to convince yourself. How many friends you know have worn braces throughout their childhood? You may well be one yourself. Think about the pain they go through: first, when teeth are removed to make space for the metal braces, and afterwards, night and day when trying to brush their teeth or eat hard meat. After going through all this, how many of them were ultimately rewarded with perfectly glamorous sets of teeth? We all know that the results are not always flattering.

On the other hand, tooth veneers actually produce results. Your teeth will look absolutely perfect that everyone will begin to complement them. What’s more, since they look absolutely natural, no one will ever be able to guess that they are not your real teeth.

So how do we, at Montreal International Clinic, Dubai make sure that your teeth retain their natural look with the veneers on? We tailor-make the veneers for each and every individual, based on the formation of their natural teeth. And to make it more effective, our dentists remove any surface parts of your teeth that may protrude unnaturally, once the veneers are worn. These dental removals will not cause unbearable pain like traditional tooth removals, and for better assurance, one can always seek the service of an injection to prevent the pain.

If you doubt how long your veneers would last, here’s the answer. Teeth veneers, like any other natural teeth, will last long, unless they are broken or chopped off by physical accidents. Their shine will also last long, and you can always meet up with our dentists to get your veneers polished, in case you feel their original shine has vanished over time.

However, since parts of your original enamels are removed to make space for the veneers, this treatment is irreversible. Therefore, our dentists are ready to give you the full benefit of their expertise and professional service, so that you would never have to regret your veneer treatment.

Why not come visit us, and see for yourself what wonders a tooth veneer can do to give your set of teeth a lasting impression?