Veneers can last longer


Wanting to look good is not a sin. It is not vain and not a waste to invest in any procedure which you believe will help you look good. No matter what anyone says it is you who have to decide how you want to look especially if you feel your looks are holding you back from reaching great heights. Not looking and feeling beautiful is found to be the main reason affecting the confidence of many individuals.

With various procedures and makeups available it is easy to look good; but what about teeth? How do you hide discolorations or broken teeth? Even that is now possible with veneers dubai. Dentist Dubai are so confident of this treatment procedure that is it highly recommended to patients who seek their help to improve the appearance of their teeth.  Whether you wish you change the size, shapes or specially the colour of your teeth, veneers can be answer for them all.

While it is a successful dental procedure, it does cost a bit more than the regular dental procedures. But as it is a worthwhile procedure which can last a long time the next question that comes to the mind of dental patients is how can I make these veneers last as long as possible to make the most of the investment made.
Can you brush as usual? Will they crack if you bite hard on anything? Would they fall off? These are all common questions asked by patients.
Veneers can last long with proper care. Dentist will guide you towards how to take the best care. You will not have any restrictions regarding meals do remember that veneers are made of porcelain and you know what happens to the porcelain in your kitchen. Heavy impact can shatter them thus it is best to avoid hard impact on the veneers like opening bottles (which shouldn’t even be done with the natural teeth)

Grinding teeth can also wear out the veneers. While this may not be something you can control, speak to your dentist to get a guard to protect the veneers from damage.
Dental veneers can last from anywhere around seven to twenty years and sometimes many more years. While they are bounded strongly to the teeth, some factors can cause them to come off, but nothing to fear as they can be easily rebounded to the teeth. But if the veneers chips off or a piece breaks then a new veneer would need to be done to replace the damaged veneer.  These can not only be an effect of good oral care; as veneers are connected to the teeth and gum which are changing continuously it can have an effect on the longevity of the veneers as well.

Do discuss with your trusted dentists if you are afraid of damaging the veneers and are keen on making the veneers last as long as possible in the best condition and as good as the day they were fixed. They will be able to give you few tips on how you can make them last as long as possible.