Misconceptions About Dental Veneers

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If you are looking for that perfect celebrity smile, you don’t have to look very far. Yes, you may have experienced excessive wear, discolouration, shifting of teeth and even decay but there is a dental solution that will fix all this for you. Dental veneers in Dubai are a popular dental treatment but seem to come with unfortunate misconceptions which we are about to correct. If you need help with differentiating fact from myth, we encourage you to read on.

First, what are porcelain veneers? They are thin, translucent shells which are fixed to your teeth to correct dental imperfections and enhance your natural smile. Over the past few decades dental technology has made advancements to make veneers a more convenient and aesthetic process than ever before.

While dental veneers in Dubai address multiple cosmetic and structural issues with teeth such as cracks, chips, minor misalignment and gaps between teeth, what are some of the common misconceptions.

Misconception #1

The process is painful

First and foremost, there is no pain whatsoever with dental veneers. In fact, you will be given a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort and pain. Your dentist in Dubai will make comfort a top priority.

Misconception #2

Veneers are used on the front surface

This is partly true as veneers are placed on the front surface as it is mostly visible. However, it can be used on premolars and your lower teeth.

Misconception #3

The tooth must be filled first

While the tooth may need reshaping before the veneer is placed, it is minimal. Much of the structure of the tooth will be preserved by your dentist in Dubai.

Misconception #4

It is a long process

This is not true. In fact, veneers can be done in two sittings at most. The first visit to your dentist will be to get a dental impression of your teeth to be sent to the laboratory. And the second appointment will consist of fixing the actual veneers.

Misconception #5

Veneers are bright and unnaturally white

Dental veneers in Dubai can be customized to match the colour, shape and thickness of your natural teeth. They will be unnoticeable and will compliment the rest of your existing teeth.


And here’s a real truth, veneers transforms your smile. Now you too can achieve a smile of a celebrity with dental veneers. Now you can smile and laugh in public with perfectly aligned, whiter and brighter teeth.