Maintenance of veneers made easy


Maintenance of dental veneers is more important if not more than the care taken towards our natural teeth. Investing in veneers to get back our million dollar smile and with it our confidence we all expect them to last and make you look good for as long as possible. Not only are these veneers made to look as natural as possible we don’t feel any difference or any discomfort of having them fixed to our teeth.

So how should veneers be maintained? With 100s of veneers Dubai being used by dental patients with the guidance of dentist Dubai the care instructions are given to patients before and after the treatment is carried out successfully. This is because if proper care is not taken, these veneers would also end up looking as bad as our natural teeth, stained and worn out in which case a new set of veneers would need to be replaced sooner than later.

But just as normal day to day oral care of our natural teeth, the care for veneers is not that difficult either. You only require taking care to follow all recommendations religiously and regularly.

The first step is to carefully brush and floss regularly, just as you would brush and floss your natural teeth. The dentist will reassure you that the veneers will not get damaged in any way by brushing or flossing. The best is to use a toothpaste with fluoride which is known to be non-abrasive.

The dentist will also inquire if you tend to grind your teeth. These dental patients are known as bruxer or clenchers.  If you do tend to grind your teeth knowingly or unknowingly the dentist will provide you with a guard known as a protective occlusal or bite guard. This is meant to reduce the stress on the teeth/veneers caused by grinding specially in your sleep.

The dental teams will also advice the dental patients to visit the dentist regularly without skipping an appointment as it is vital that the veneers are monitored periodically by the dental team to ensure that they are being properly maintained. These visits will also help to catch any issues early on and correct them before the veneers get affected.
The first such visit will be scheduled in the first week after the veneers have been placed on the teeth. The dental team is responsible to carry out a full checkup of the teeth and veneers at every visit. At every visit they would check the veneers and their placement and how the gum surrounding the veneers is responding to them. This is also an opportunity for you as the patient to clarify any instructions you had been having doubts about.

Do not hesitate to talk to your dentist and health care team at the dental clinic and schedule regular checkups. No matter how the veneers look to you and how well you think you are maintaining them, the dentist would be able to catch any issues in advance and provide you with the best care instructions to follow.