Getting The Perfect Smile!

orthodontic treatment

Most of us are not among the lucky ones to naturally be blessed with a perfect set of teeth that frame our glamorous smiles. Many people face many and different sorts of dental problems that take away the charm of a stunning smile; often leaving us to admire the smiles of others.
But we still don’t stop wishing to gain perfect teeth that permit us to smile our heart-out, and thankfully so. Because the skilled dentists in Dubai have introduced highly effective cosmetic dental procedures that can eliminate many aesthetically displeasing features of one’s teeth in a single go.

What Dental Problems can Veneers Fix?

Veneer placements in Dubai are a relatively simple and minimally invasive dental procedure that enables dentists to treat a number of dental problems of patients. And leave behind only a perfect set of teeth, like:

  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Discolored Teeth
  • Gaps between Teeth
  • Overlapping Teeth

Along with many others because this very procedure allows all the deformities and appearances of teeth to be covered and concealed

What does the Procedure Involve?

Firstly, the patient’s teeth are prepped for the placement. This involves a thin sheet of the enamel layer of the tooth to be removed. To make room for the veneer that would otherwise appear to be protruding out.
Since, veneers require the teeth to be prepped and altered before the placement this makes this procedure a permanent one. And patients should consult their dentist in Dubai in detail to assure that they understand what the procedure will lead to and what results they should expect.

After the teeth have been prepped, the ceramic covering is carved in a shape so that it is complimentary to the tooth’s structure. It is placed and bonded tightly with the tooth to assure that it stays in place. Now the new tooth will consist of the perfect shape and colour hence concealing all the previously noticeable problems.

Benefits and Advantages!

We all understand the importance of having an attractive smile. It’s almost always the first thing we notice about someone new; giving us an idea about their personality. But people will bad teeth are more than often so overly conscious about the flaws in their teeth that they try to hide their smile which portrays them as someone who lacks confidence and even charm.

For such people veneers can be a saving grace and can finally help them gain confidence in themselves, their appearance and help uplift their personality! Besides this the procedure has other distinctive benefits:

  • Since the procedure is pretty simple patients do not need to go under anesthesia
  •  They can also go seek treatment through no-prep veneer placement which is a relatively quicker procedure, 
  • This is a long term treatment procedure
  • The results are very promising
  • Veneers are very easy to maintain. And patients just have to maintain dental hygiene as they did for their natural teeth
  • They do not disrupt dental functions in any way