Four main care tips for veneers in dubai

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As we progress through life, we as humans are subject to certain wear and tear from impact in the world around us. Once of the most prized substances in the human body is considered to be enamel, which is the hard white part of your tooth. If the enamel wears out, you will never get another. That is why dentists are consistently stressing on the importance of brushing your teeth twice daily to prevent plaque buildup and also the elimination of fizzy drinks as the acid from the drinks tends to cause a lot of damage to enamel and wears it down.

Veneers in Dubai are commonly sought after to fix teeth that are either chipped, discoloured or worn out. Dental veneers come in two forms, either porcelain or resin the first of which is considered to be more durable and long lasting as opposed to the latter, though it is more expensive. Porcelain veneers are known to withstand wear and tear your normal teeth are exposed to on a daily basis.

Just as you should take care of your natural teeth, once you get veneers in Dubai , you should exercise aftercare that will help them last longer. Here are some main care tips for you to protect your veneers in Dubai :


Some of us have habits such as chewing the end of our pens or pencils, and an assortment of other strange materials that have no relation to food whatsoever. This needs to stop as veneers in Dubai you have just gotten though long lasting are not eternal and they could really ruin through impact and begin chipping away.


This seems to be everywhere, but it cannot be stressed enough. By doing this you not only keep many dental issues at bay, but you can also maintain any work done for a longtime with minimum damage. Especially after veneers in Dubai , brush your teeth regularly and use mouthwash to get small particles between teeth. Flossing after each meal is also good practice. Visit your dentist a couple of times a year to keep a check on things.


Certain food and drink you may love such as coffee, tea, wine, curries, beetroot and the like contribute to stains on your teeth and even veneers in Dubai you got. Cigarettes in particular are generally bad to overall health, and are also part of this category. Drinking coffee and tea in moderation for example is fine, but keep a limit if you plan to keep your veneers a shiny white!


Wondering what this is? If you are known to grind, gnaw or gnash your teeth in your sleep then you are suffering from a dental issue known as bruxism and is very bad for you. As the patient is usually asleep, they are unaware of the damage it can cause and chips away at the tooth enamel without their knowledge. Before getting veneers in Dubai , it would be a good idea to get treatment for bruxism first if you do suffer from it.


You need to get your veneers cleaned out professionally around 34 times a year. Your dentist will advise you on exactly how you need to do this as well as how frequently you need to come in, but it is necessary. They will clean them out as they would clean teeth in general as well as polish them to keep them in great shape.

Veneers in Dubai have proven to be quite popular due to its effective cosmetic results such as eliminating discoloured teeth, aligning crooked teeth and restoring chipped teeth to full teeth. If taken good care of, dental veneers are known to last for up to ten years, with some lasting even up to fifteen years. Maintaining them reduces cost and trouble for you as you will be able to enjoy all your favourite foods as normal and flash your best smile!