Advantages of Veneers

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Porcelain veneers are ceramic shells which are thin, medical grade fixed to the top of the surface of your teeth to help transform your smile. These cosmetic enhancements are customized to fit each individual patient ensuring the natural dental enamel bears resemblance. Dental veneers in Dubai are used by dentists for an array of cosmetic corrections including orthodontic adjustments and teeth whitening. Dental veneers have a lifelike resemblance and functions making it the most popular cosmetic procedure in dentistry.

Dental technology has brought many advance features to dental veneers in the last three decades. They are convenient and lifelike and tend to reflect natural dental enamel light. Dentists nowadays are able to create same day restorations simply because of advanced digital imaging systems. Dental crowns and teeth whitening are cosmetic procedures which provide patients with stunning smiles.

Porcelain veneers has significantly advanced cosmetic surgery and is one of the most effective forms of replacing unattractive or plain, discoloured or uneven teeth with porcelain veneers which are attractive and lifelike. Porcelain veneers can be highly beneficial for patients looking to have that stunning smile. Here are several reasons discussed below.
Veneers hide imperfections – Many times you may find you have chipped teeth, gaps or dark stains which are difficult to correct. However, with dental veneers these imperfections can be hidden in the instance it cannot be corrected. The overall aesthetic of fixing dental veneers is your smile is enhanced.

Veneers look natural – With the advancement of digital imaging systems, porcelain veneers looks natural and lifelike. They even have a resemblance to the natural enamel one finds on their teeth. You will have a stunning smile for the rest of your life from shape to size to colour.

Veneers offer protection – Veneers not only hide imperfection it also provides protection. If you have vulnerable teeth with cracks or chips, veneers can be used to strengthen these imperfections. This is because veneers are made with ceramic material and covers the natural tooth.

Easy to maintain – Porcelain veneers are easy to maintain much like your natural teeth. Caring for dental veneers is similar to maintaining normal dental hygiene flossing and regular brushing to ensure restoration is maintained adequately.

Dramatic results – Dental veneers offer instant and dramatic improvements to your smile and your photo taken both before and after should be reason enough.

Veneers are long lastingPorcelain veneers are known to last decades. Veneers are not just to give you a fantastic smile; it has several benefits for years to come including added protection and hiding imperfections.

The procedure to fix dental veneers is relatively quick. Once you have decided on veneers the procedure will be spaced out between two and three appointments. An experienced dental surgeon in Dubai will handle your procedure from start to finish. Cosmetic technology which has advanced over the years will allow your dental surgeon to complete the procedure in a relatively short space of time. The results will be superior and natural. And you will find you have the most stunning smile you could have asked for!