May 8, 2018

How To Decide If Liposuction Is Right For You

You may have tried all kinds of exercises and various diets but you probably are still not happy with the way you look in your favorite […]
February 20, 2017
montreal liposuction

Everything you need to know about Fat Transfer

There are cosmetic procedures to help improve not just people’s physical appearance but also the way they feel about themselves. To many people, physical appearance matters. […]
February 13, 2017
liposuction montreal

Debunking the myth on skinny or large – Liposuction

Many people still believe Liposuction is used on skinny people looking to improve on isolated or small areas of fat. Historically, this may be true, with […]
October 30, 2016

Should You Get Liposuction?

You may have followed a regular exercise routine, got on that weighing scale each day, ensured you ate a healthy balanced diet and yet you can’t […]
September 13, 2016

How Liposuction Works And Why People Opt For This Procedure

In this modern day and age, people are turning more and more to liposuction to achieve aesthetic goals. Liposuction surgery is known to benefit the patient […]
February 11, 2016

Benefits of liposuction

In order to achieve their aesthetic goals, you find people turning to liposuction every day. It is said liposuction offers both physical and mental benefits. It […]
August 18, 2015

Look Good with Liposuction!

Have you been working out non stop trying to reduce the fat trapped in your body? Been sweating over how to lose those extra layers of […]
August 18, 2015

Liposuction! The Key to have an Ideal Figure

The dream of every girl is to look beautiful and have an attractive body. Maintaining the shape of your body is a tedious task. A good […]