Top 4 Reasons To Consider Dental Implants

dental implants

If you have missing teeth, you may be considering several options to replace them. After all, you don’t want to walk around with gaps between your teeth. It is unattractive and unappealing. Inn order to provide a natural looking solution and preserve all your teeth, dental implants are a long lasting, less invasive and a better solution than most other forms of dental treatment.

Dental implants in Dubai provide complete tooth replacement in three components, the post, abutment, restoration. The post dental implant is similar to a screw. It is made using titanium and integrated into your jawbone like a root. The next step is the abutment which is attached to the root, and finally the restoration is fixed to the abutment.

Why you should consider dental implants as your first option tooth replacement?

It will stop your tooth from moving to the empty space. When you have tooth loss, the teeth surrounding it will begin shifting to fill in the gaps. This can result in numerous dental complications. When teeth are unevenly spaced, it is much harder to keep clean. A dental implant will space out your teeth evenly making it easier to brush and floss regularly.

Missing teeth also results in a weakened jawbone. You will begin to lose bone density and your jawbone will begin to deteriorate due to missing teeth. Your jawbone will not receive adequate support minus the tooth root. It is imperative you do not wait to get this problem fixed. The longer you wait the less your jawbone will be able to support a new tooth replacement. If you’ve seen people with missing teeth you would know they have a sunken jaw and an aged appearance. This is due to bone deterioration. Dental implants will offer adequate support to your jawbone and will make your facial features taut and more firm.

Dental implants protect your oral health. If you have a missing tooth, it is likely you don’t want to lose any more teeth. You need to ensure you maintain the rest of your teeth by practicing good oral hygiene. With implants you can keep your natural teeth healthy, and your gums strong. With gaps you will find it difficult to clean your teeth properly, with implants, cleaning is as natural as brushing and flossing your normal teeth.

If you have missing teeth you would know how hard it can be to bite and chew on certain types of food. And many of these foods may be high in nutrients, for instance, raw carrots or nuts. You will find yourself snacking on soft or processed foods which include ice cream, white bread and cookies. These foods do not contain proper nutrients and can even result in tooth decay. Dental implants in Dubai function like your natural teeth that you will find eating your favorite food is not that hard anymore. You can also have a healthy and balanced food with plenty of raw vegetables and plant based food.