Tooth Loss in Adults – A Rising Concern


Tooth loss has become a serious health problem. Mainly because it not only makes a person’s smile appear unsightly but also contributes to a host of dental problems. Recent surveys being conducted in the UAE show that tooth loss is becoming a growing concern, with as many as half of the adult population having missing teeth.

What causes Tooth Loss?

It is one thing to lose your teeth naturally as you age over time. But the trends in UAE do not indicate statistics for naturally occurring tooth loss. There are other reasons that are causing them.
Periodontal gum disease has been revealed to be the major cause of tooth loss. Accidents, severe trauma and calcium deficiency are followed as other less dominant reasons. But gum disease is the main culprit which is generally caused by the poor maintenance of dental hygiene.

Why is the rate of Tooth loss higher in UAE?

Periodontal gum disease being caused by the poor maintenance of dental hygiene clearly indicates that the rate of occurrence is higher in UAE owing to a lack of awareness on how to keep teeth clean and healthy. And those who are aware tend to take these measures lightly and are often neglectful.
People need to realize that if proper dental hygiene is not maintained bacteria accumulates in the mouth and combines with food particles and mucus to form tartar.  Tartar is a sticky substance that forms a layer over the teeth. If it is not removed then it will cause inflammation of the gums. Later the gums will be pulled away from the teeth and small pockets will be formed that may become infected, eventually causing complete tooth loss.

How to maintain Dental Hygiene?

It is very easy to keep your teeth clean and bacteria-free. Just follow the 3 steps below

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day – First thing in the morning and right before bed
  • Floss afterwards
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash
  • Visit your Dentist every few months for a routine check-up

Lack of Awareness about Treatment

Tooth loss is reached when gum disease has extensively progressed and patients are usually well aware of the fact that something is wrong. But they don’t consult a dentist in Dubai due to a lack of awareness about the severity of the problem.
They feel embarrassed and somewhat frightened by the idea of visiting a dentist. Most patients also avoid visiting a dentist in Dubai because they fear that the only solution he will have is of dentures.
This is not true. Today dental implants in Dubai can provide patients the next best thing to natural teeth – That won’t make them feel uncomfortable or conscious with their appearance.

Adverse Effects of losing a Tooth

Patients don’t realize that losing a tooth can have many implications.
Once the tooth falls out, an empty gap is created in the jaw line. This gap causes the complete facial structure to be altered. This is because our teeth serve to provide support to our face. And even if one tooth goes missing a person face will be altered, which can also lead to many physiological problems. That can later prove to be much more complex and difficult to treat.