Dental Restoration With Dental Implants!

dental implants

Man requires constant evolution; we need to constantly innovate and come up with developing methods to cater to the needs of people and their rising problems. Mainly because the problems that were common in the past, do not necessarily have to be the same in the future.

In recent times, one of the most pressing issues in the dental world is one that greatly inhibits both the function and appearance of teeth – Tooth Loss.
The number of people suffering from dental diseases that are causing the weakening of the tooth structure which eventually leads to tooth loss has drastically increased. Dentists in Dubai provide an explanation for this deteriorating condition to be the compliance of poor health habits and the maintenance of poor oral hygiene.

Why has tooth loss become an increasingly serious issue?

The incidence of tooth loss has significantly risen over the years. Dentists claim that the major culprit behind this situation is periodontal gum disease.
The occurrence of periodontal gum disease is majorly promoted by the accumulation of bacteria which in turn promotes the production of plaque and tartar. Tartar is a sticky substance that forms a layer over the surface of teeth. It gradually weakens the structure of the tooth by weakening the bone.

What causes periodontal gum disease and how to prevent it?

Periodontal Gum Disease is basically caused by bacteria residing in the oral cavity. If patients look out for early symptoms like inflamed and swollen gums which are an early indication of gingivitis (a milder form of gum disease) then they will have a much greater chance of fighting it off.
The tips and tricks that dentists in Dubai advise everyone to daily practice are:

  • Limit your Sugar Intake: Bacteria feed on sugar and carbohydrates. Limit their intake to discourage their growth.
  • Brush your Teeth Twice a Day
  • Use a Good Quality Tooth Brush
  • Floss after you Brush

What options do you have, if you do suffer from tooth loss?

Tooth loss is the worst possible outcome of a dental disease. But if you have already reached this stage then the first thing you should do is explore the options you have available for restorative treatment.

Today, dental Implants in Dubai are perhaps the best form of restorative dental treatment. They provide patients the sensation and appearance of natural teeth.
For those who are not aware of the term; Dental implants are placed through a minimally invasive surgical procedure. The procedure involves tooth roots to be surgically placed into the jaw. The tooth roots are then anchored to the prosthetic tooth, positioned at the sight of the missing tooth.

This method provides the prosthetic greater support; assuring smoother functionality. The prosthetic tooth can be coloured to match the shade of the remaining teeth enabling it to blend in among the remaining. Dental Implants in Dubai have proven to be an extremely effective form of treatment and are very popular.