Dental Implants – The Patient’s Experience


Dental implants are a popular form of dental treatment prescribed to those patients who have lost their natural teeth due to any reason including injury, age or a dental illness. Many a time’s patients are simply dictated about the pros and cons of a certain dental procedure and briefly briefed. This at times leads to some questions being left unanswered and prospective patients to be left dissatisfied.
To assess whether a patient can/should undergoing treatment it is important for them to understand each phase of the treatment procedure and the outcomes and risks associated with it.
The placement of dental implants is no different, and it involves a series of steps that a patient must go through.

Stage 1 – Patient Analysis
Contrary to popular belief doctors are not magicians. In order to provide and advise suitable treatment to patients, dentists have to conduct an in-depth analysis of the oral cavity and assess the condition of the gums and surrounding tissues. This helps assess which patient is best suited for which dental procedure.
Dental Implants are best suited for those patients who have good dental health; healthy gums, a strong bone structure and do not suffer from pressing dental issues and diseases.
Upon examination your dentist will look for any signs of bad dental health. Due to which you may not be able to sustain the implants. Habits and conditions like smoking, alcoholism, uncontrolled diabetes, cancer and medication may all contribute to an individual proving to be an unfit candidate for dental implants in Dubai.
When consulting your dentist in Dubai, be sure to mention any habits that could have damaged your teeth over time and any medication that you are currently taking. The more well informed your dentist is the better of a treatment plan he can advise you.

Stage 2 – The Treatment
Cosmetic dentistry is an intricate field so instead of relying and depending on your doctor, be well informed about each step and each phase of your treatment.
In the placement of Dental Implants patients have hardware material placed into their jaw line. The implants; screws and cylinders are placed into the jaw and are then strongly bonded with the bone at the site of the missing tooth. Together they form anchors for the prosthetic that is to be later placed once the tooth has been firmly bonded. After some time healing caps along with connective devices are also attached to allow multiple crowns to be attached to the implant to form a strong base.
The complete process is designed to make the artificial teeth appear completely natural and to be firmly bonded within the jaw so that they have the same strength as that of a natural tooth.

Stage 3 – Recovery and Maintenance
Lastly, once the procedure is complete patients have to undergo proper care. But the best thing about dental implants is that patients do not have to adopt any special measures to take care of their implants. The only thing that patients have to do is make a conscious effort to keep their implants clean and prevent discoloration.
Dental Implants, like natural teeth, can be stained over time. So in order to preserve their natural appearance patients should follow routine dental care habits to keep their teeth clean and healthy. If taken proper care of dental implants can potentially last for a lifetime.