Dental Implants: Rooting For You

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There have been many stories of people who have dreams… or rather, nightmares about losing their teeth. While this may sounds rather odd, it is far more common than you would think. And when you look up what this symbolizes, the answer explains its frequent occurrence; this dream is known to happen as a symbolization of the dreamer’s anxiety.

It is interesting how losing teeth is said to represent feelings of anxiety one may bear regarding their concerns about daily life. Terrifying though the dream maybe, when you wake up and realise your teeth are in fact all intact you breathe easy. But what happens when you wake up and you realise that there is indeed a problem?

Dental Implants

Although it may sound rather pompous to have a confident answer to that question, it is a solid one. Dental implants have fast risen to be somewhat of a miracle in the world of dentistry by providing the solution to many dental woes. With the ability to stand alone and function as normal, they have been the number one choice amongst patients round the globe.

Take your normal tooth for example; it comes with the root which, holds it down into your gum and the enamel which would be the body. Teeth may disintegrate due to poor oral hygiene habits such as not flossing regularly, rinsing out your mouth after a meal and brushing at least twice a day. Build up of bacteria leads to plaque and other diseases such as gingivitis and eventually leads to tooth decay.

Poor choices in our food means that now these issues are spreading fast. Acids present in fizzy drinks erode at the enamel and excessive sweets cause cavities and tooth decay. This can lead to many oral problems stopping you from being able to enjoy your favourite foods as well as going about your daily life.

Dental implants are constructed out of titanium and function as the root. It is infused into your jawbone so they act as one; following this procedure, some time is spent waiting for the bone to grow around the implant. Once this happens, it will be deemed suitable to insert the new tooth. Here’s a step-by-step process on the basic workings behind dental implants:

Though it seems like an invasive process it is actually not the case as the procedure is done under local anesthesia and antibiotics are prescribed for after. Dental implants also have the ability to be fitted as a single tooth or number of teeth. They can even be fitted onto dentures in cases where the whole mouth is missing teeth, and in that sense they have versatility. However, many things affect your qualification for an implant.

For starters, children are not able to get implants as they are still growing. They need to be encouraged on good oral hygiene habits in order to maintain healthy gums and teeth especially as they consume lots of sugary foods. Even as an adult, you health condition will be assessed before you are considered suitable for a dental implant.

It is best you book an appointment for yourself and get a thorough analysis. This will help you in understanding how exactly help can be gotten and a closer look at dental implants. You will also have an idea of price as this varies following a consultation with your dentist. Once you have all the information you require, you can then begin the process of introducing your new chompers. Functioning as normal teeth, your chewing and speaking abilities are unaffected giving you back the life you’ve missed living. Consult us for your best options!