Dental Implants Procedure


Dental implant is one of the greatest dental inventions. It solved a long standing dental problem, that until it came about in the 1950’s hadn’t been solved for thousands of years of human existence. The problem of how to replace teeth when they fall. Over the past few decades, millions of people have used this procedure to enhance their lives. People who have had this procedure are more confident and more productive in their daily life, there is no endless worry and frustration.

To get dental implants, you would need to go to a dental surgeon. The surgeon will make a diagnosis as to whether you are suitable for the procedure or not. Disqualifying factors include if you are a very heavy smoker or your bone density is unnaturally low. This is important since dental implants rely on the process of Osseo integration, which is where the metallic implant fuses together with the natural bone tissue. If you are a heavy smoker or your bone tissue is weak there is the possibility of the dental implant being rejected and thereby ending in failure.

Once, you are deemed okay for surgery, a customised dental implant will be ordered according to your personal specifications. During the procedure the dental surgeon will insert this dental implant onto the designated slot. The post-surgical period will last for a month or so. The surgeon will check and see whether the dental implant has integrated with the jaw bone. If the healing process is satisfactory, the doctor will attach an abutment to the implant. This will act as the link between the dental implant and the artificial tooth/crown which will be later fixed onto the patient.

The final step would be the attaching of the crown. This will be designed and customised to perfection to suit the patient’s needs. Advanced technology such as 3D imaging will be used to design the tooth. This is to ensure that the patients new tooth fits in perfectly with the rest of the teeth and contributes to an attractive smile. The whole procedure will be completed within a period of 3-4 months. The effect would be that there would be a satisfied patient at the end of the process.

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