Dental Implants a History


Dental implants are a great way to solve missing teeth issues. There are many people in the world who suffer from missing teeth. It is not as simple as it sounds, a person who has missing teeth will be able to illustrate vividly all the problems associated with the condition. It has plagued people from time immemorial. Only in the 1950โ€™s was a tool developed which could adequately solve the problems. A Swedish doctor invented the modern dental implant.

Branemark the Swedish doctor was surprised to find during his medical investigations that a metallic implant was fusing together with natural bone tissue over a period of time. He understood that this could be the invention that could replicate the functionality of a natural tooth system. His landmark discovery was openly derided and jeered by the dental fraternity who did not believe that after such a long period of human quest and toil, the discovery was made by an unknown Swedish surgeon.

However, all the disbelievers were proved wrong when Branemark conducted his first surgery and the fraternity was forced to recognise that his titanium implant was able to replicate the functionality of a natural tooth. Given the fast moving environment, Branemark established his own firm and trademarked his dental implant.
Thus, began the journey of the dental implants spreading to all parts of the globe and transforming the lives of millions of people. Today, every day in some part of the world is undergoing a dental implant procedure. The success of the procedure is demonstrated in the satisfaction expressed by the patients who have undergone the procedure. Repeated surveys indicate that there is an overwhelmingly vote of confidence given to the surgery by past patients. Dental implant failures are extremely rare and can be altogether extinguished by the use of a skilled and experienced dental surgeon who can make the correct diagnosis.

In the end, this is one medical invention that is having an incredible impact on people. Imagine because of tooth impairment you are unable to smile, to eat properly and have regular pain and discomfort. You lose your confidence as a result. All of this is solved through the use of dental implants. The best feature is that the treatment is permanent and there no need to worry about a relapse.

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