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Montreal Dental Implants Process

Single tooth implant – Single day treatment

If you need a single tooth replacement, you can opt for single tooth implant which replaces the natural tooth and root. The implant which is similar to a screw is attached to your jaw. A dental specialist will perform the procedure in a single day by extracting the damaged tooth to insert the dental implant. The whole process will take a mere 4-5 hours. The final step will see the Prosthodontist fix the all ceramic tooth over the implant.

Multiple tooth implants – Two day treatment

You may be missing several teeth which can be replaced with dental implants in a two day treatment process. As with the single tooth, screws will be fixed to your jaw. In the two sessions, the implant will be placed along with the acrylic teeth. The second session will take place one week later which will see the permanent porcelain teeth fixed to cover the implants.

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