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Montreal Dental Implants Guarantee

We have a written policy to offer guarantee on our work. You are making a choice on your treatment, and we want to show you it was an investment worth making. We offer a guarantee as follows,

Fixed Restoration - 5 Years

We request the patient to return to our clinic annually for dental checkups during this period. It is imperative the patient practice good oral hygiene at home, going in for cleaning and regular dental visits to keep the guarantee policy in place.

Dental Implants – 10 Years

Our implants will last up to 10 years, we guarantee this 100%. Our success rate is very high, and we have hundreds of patients who will attest to this fact. Our dental surgeon will take on each individual case and cater according to specific requirements of the particular patient. Failures of porcelain, fractures and other repairs will be replaced at no additional cost in the first 2 years. Thereafter, a nominal fee will be charged by the clinic. Patients are requested to strictly follow certain guidelines to keep the guarantee policy in place.

  • Patients must return for cleaning and routine check-ups once a year.
  • Patients will need to undergo x-day and obtain written proof that an annual check up from the local dentist has been carried out, in case of not returning to Montreal Clinic.
  • The patient must maintain partial or full dentures properly.
  • A night guard or bite plate must be worn by the patient.

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