Hollywood Smile in Dubai Made a Reality Through Dental Veneers

Hollywood smile in Dubai is no longer a dream! Welcome to Montreal International Clinic where we make it possible for you to have the perfect smile in no time! Our expert and highly qualified orthodontics make sure that you have a sparkling & beautiful smile so that you confidently flaunt it wherever you go! No more embarrassment of exposing crowded teeth or chipped off teeth. We make it possible for you to unleash your inner self with confidence and grace with our various dental treatments such as teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry & dental crowns.

Hollywood smile

How Do We Get You a Hollywood Smile in Dubai?

Unfortunately, not many dentists in Dubai are capable of providing you the quality of service you are looking for. You might find yourself spending a fortune but getting nothing in return. This is where Montreal International Clinic comes in! With our dental experts, who have years of experience in aesthetic dentistry, and a completely well-equipped clinic, we can provide cosmetic dentistry services that no one else can.

Cosmetic Dentistry for your Hollywood Smile

At Montreal International Clinic, we offer the following cosmetic dentistry services to give you a complete smile makeover.

Hollywood Smile in Dubai through Dental Veneers/Lumineers

Using adhesives, composite of ceramic laminates are attached to the teeth surface to repair chipped off teeth or cracked teeth. In addition, this process is also used for discolored teeth. Dental veneers are one of the most effective ways to get a Hollywood smile in Dubai. They can drastically improve your smile and are simple and cost effective.

Hollywood Smile with the Help of Smile Makeover

While it sounds the same, a smile makeover process is quite different to that of dental veneers. During a smile makeover process, one of the many cosmetic dental procedures is used. Smile makeovers include dental veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening, or gingival sculpting. These procedures are used for the upper and lower arches to achieve the desired results.

Hollywood Smile & Full Mouth Reconstruction

Hollywood Smile DubaiNot always but sometimes full mouth reconstruction techniques and procedures are used in order to correct the functional problems of your mouth such as bite, bone structure, teeth, muscles and the like. At Montreal International Clinic, we have state of the art facilities through which we are able to provide full mouth reconstruction services to give you the Hollywood smile you are looking for.

At Montreal International Clinic, our internationally recognized dentists will give you a Hollywood smile in Dubai in no time!