The best Botox Treatment in Dubai

cosmetic treatment with botox injection

Botox is the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedure now performed in Dubai by the Montreal International Clinics Dubai. The procedure is very simple and smoothes out fine lines that is more deeply etched in persistent grooves in any area of the body. The process involves a minimal downtime and minimal risks and is one of the most successful procedures in the world.

Botox can be used in different areas of the body, including, the forehead, for horizontal neck bands, for drooping mouth corners, crow’s feet, upper lip lines, frown lines between the eyebrows and for excessive sweating in the underarms, face, palms and soles. Botox Dubai has revolutionized anti-wrinkle treatments for the men and women in Dubai and it is here to stay. It is important to know the physician who is administering the Botox Treatment in Dubai and their level of expertise and reputation. However, with Montreal International Clinics in Dubai, this cannot be questioned as their doctors are amongst the best in their fields of expertise and have been practicing at the highest levels internationally with many years of experience and has the know how of an effective treatment.

How does Botox work

A naturally derived protein derivative is administered at low doses to reduce the contraction of the muscles that cause persistent frown lines and wrinkles over time. While some patients may see significant results with Botox others may not have such a dramatic change to their facial appearance, however the treatment will relax the facial muscles enabling patients to smile, frown or elevate their brows without the wrinkles. The goal of Botox is to soften lines.

Botox is also a treatment that is used to manage excessive sweating also called hyperhidrosis, as it causes a lot of embarrassment and discomfort leading to low self confidence. The effects of Botox to treat hyperhidrosis is very effective and long lasting, as it helps to control the condition by blocking chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. This treatment can last upto about 6-10 months or much longer.

There is little or no downtime after Botox treatment. The treatment will take as little as about ten to fifteen minutes to perform and is relatively painless. After care includes avoiding vigorous workouts or laying down flat for a few hours after treatment.

The qualified Dermatologist in Dubai may recommend other treatments or skin care regimens to further enhance the results of your Botox treatments.