An Insight into Plastic Surgery

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Dissatisfied with your looks? Is your appearance affecting the quality of life?
Well, you do not have to live with it anymore!
Plastic surgery is your solution!

What is plastic surgery?

Wondering how you will look with a fake face or body made of plastic.
Plastic surgery does not mean a person ends up with an artificial face; the term plastic is derived from the Greek word plastikos which means to form or mold. Plastic surgery helps to improve a person’s appearance as well as the ability to function. Skin, musculoskeletal system, maxillofacial structures, hand, extremities and breasts can be repaired, reconstructed or replaced of its physical defects and improve its form and function.

Plastic surgery in Dubai

Plastic surgery in Dubai has a very high success rate as our plastic surgeons are some of the best in the field, highly qualified and experienced to ensure successful surgical outcome to fulfill each and every individual’s requirement. They are competent in plastic surgery which means that along with the knowledge of plastic surgery they also possess good surgical judgment, technical expertise, ethics and good interpersonal skills.

Plastic surgery in Dubai includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures to suit your needs including the face, neck, breast and body and also to suit your budget. Aesthetic surgical principles also known as cosmetic procedures and reconstructive procedures are both renowned methods of plastic surgery in Dubai. Our expert plastic surgeons in Dubai use innovative techniques like tissue transfer, liposuction and even maxillofacial surgery to help to improve the patient’s appearance and confidence thus improving their quality of life.

Procedures of plastic surgery

Plastic surgeons use two types of procedures during a plastic surgery treatment. Reconstructive procedures and cosmetic procedures.

  • Reconstructive procedures help in correcting a physical defect in a person. These defects can either be defects by birth like, ear deformities, cleft lips and palates or these defects can be caused by an accident or traumatic illness or injury.
  • Cosmetic procedures also known as aesthetic procedure is altering a part of the body that a person is not satisfied with.
    The most common cosmetic procedures include; mammoplasty which involves the breast, like breast augmentation, breast lift. Rhinoplasty, which helps in altering the shape of the nose. Liposuction, where fatty layers are removed from different parts of the body especially the abdomen. Abdominoplasty , which helps to reduce the stomach. Botox and Dermal fillers to enhance the appearance, by reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
    All cosmetic procedures are not surgical, some of the cosmetic procedures involve laser treatments.
    The most popular surgical plastic surgery in Dubai includes liposuction, breast augmentation, female breast reduction, eyelid surgeries and abdominoplasty.
    The most popular non-surgical plastic surgery in Dubai are; laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, botox , microdermabrasion and dermal fillers like hylaform, juvederm and restylane.

Who can undergo plastic surgery?

A person can opt for plastic surgery due to several different reasons but our experts in plastic surgery in Dubai state that it is not an option that suits everyone. Most of the procedures have permanent results therefore a person must be completely ready to go through it and be mentally prepared and be realistic in what to expect after the surgery. Our plastic surgeons will discuss with the patient about their expectations and make them aware of how they will look by showing before and after photos of a potential procedure. The team of plastic surgeons will help the person clarify all issues related to the plastic surgery and enable them to make a good decision.