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Welcome to Montreal International Clinic. Our goal is to provide you with a unique set of Health and Medical Services for a healthier lifestyle and positive self-image. Our team of specialized medical professionals and support staff are ready to serve you and your family. Read More

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We work six days a week from Saturday to Thursday. We are closed on Friday

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What patients say about Montreal International Clinic

  • I am very happy about the services provided by the Clinic especially Dr. Ashraf Shatla. In my opinion, Montreal International Clinic , Dubai provides very good facilities. Thank you.
    Martha John
  • I am extremely happy with the care and service provided by the Montreal International Clinic and the cleanliness in the Clinic is very well maintained.
    Hamza Noor
  • I had a very positive experience at Montreal International Clinic. I would highly recommend this Clinic to anyone interested. My care was totally professional. Many thanks to all.
    Alex Jain


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